Monday, July 18, 2011

day 101

3.62 miles in 26 minutes

i'm trying to view what i've been given, right now, as an oportunity for adventure. to actually fucking live my life. because there is nothing tying me to this place, other than a paycheck. i can go anywhere and be anything i want. that is so fucking exciting. and scary, but mostly exciting.

i promised myself, when i met the 100 day mark, that i would get a tattoo.

i need to finish designing the chest piece i want to have done. it's just what it means, finishing it and getting it and allowing the healing to take place. tattoos for me, mean something.

my mom's cancer ribbon.

my reminder to breathe, because i'm fucking uptight as hell.

the dragonflies on my back with the reminder to allow love, strength and courage to be part of my life. i forget that one, because it's on my back and i don't see it all the time. but it's true, i need to allow love. i need to allow strength, my own, as well as others that so gallantly provide me with strength through their friendship, loyalty and love. i need to allow courage, because i am afraid. it's ok to let others be brave for me and to love me. and it's courageous to love and to feel new things.

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